The Amino Logo

Amino logo

The logo is the keystone of the Amino brand and consists of two elements: the mark and the logotype. The current version of the logo is a Phenotypes-based evolution of previous versions. While it aims to maintain a connection to the past, the Amino logo is now a better representation of our brand attributes—clarity, confidence, and optimism.

The Amino logo is Phenotypes through and through, which creates a high degree of cohesion between the brand identity and the context in which it appears, whether that’s an interactive product screen or a printed pamphlet.

The full-color lockups (mark + logotype) above are the preferred treatment of the Amino logo. The one with dark purple text should be used on a white or very light gray background. The one with white text (a.k.a. reversed) should be used on dark purple, dark gray/black, or any other color that is dark enough to provide sufficient contrast with the logo and complements the colors of the mark.

Logo mark

It’s acceptable to use the mark alone, but don’t use the logotype alone. Common circumstances for this include app icons, account avatars, and branded merchandise. Make sure the mark has enough space around it (see clear space guidelines below), and make sure there’s adequate contrast against the background color.

Logo mono

In situations where the full-color versions of the logo won’t work (e.g. on top of a photo or other background that can’t be controlled), single color versions are available. Files are provided for both mark alone, as shown above, and for lockups with the logotype. They’re also great when a physical medium is inherently colorless, like a stamp or etching. You can change the color and opacity of these mono logos, as long as there’s sufficient contrast with the background and surrounding elements.


Logo construction

The logo has been lovingly crafted using Phenotypes principles as a starting point and optical adjustments for balance and polish. The logo is built using the modular scale for proportions, sizing, and spacing. The mark’s color palette is chosen from Phenotypes colors. The logotype is based on Sailec (medium weight) with some modifications. If you’re curious, here are some construction notes to go with the diagram above:

  • The mark sits in an equilateral triangle with side length c
  • The logotype is set in Sailec Medium with at a size of c pts
  • The top circle in the mark: a = c / (8/7)^14
  • The bottom circles of the mark: b = a / (8/7)
  • The distance between the mark and the logotype is the radius of the top circle
  • The baseline of the logotype is aligned with the points on the bottom circles of the mark where the straight lines attach tangentially

All that said, please don’t do weird stuff with the logo. To ensure that the logo appears consistently and proudly, use the provided files as they are. While it’s fine to resize the images to suit your needs, don’t change colors, spacing, proportions, or other attributes that make the logo what it is.

Usage guidelines

Logo clear space guidelines

Always surround the logo or mark with ample clear space (the minimum clear space is shown above). Here are some more guidelines for using the Amino logo with best results:

  • Even when using the mono versions of the logo, make sure there’s sufficient contrast with the background.
  • Don’t distort, rotate, or otherwise manipulate the logo’s shapes.
  • Don’t apply effects, like gradients, shadows, outlines, image masks, or filters.
  • Don’t use the logo as a decorative element or as a component of an illustration.

And some logistical suggestions:

  • Use the right file for the job. Print files are provided in cmyk color and screen files are provided in rgb. Various formats of each are provided.
  • Use the vector files when possible. For example, you can drag the .ai (Illustrator) files directly into Keynote and resize infinitely. The .svg files can be used similarly on the web, in Sketch, and in many other applications.
  • Use the provided .png files as needed, but never enlarge them. While it’s okay to shrink them, it’s better to create a new .png file at exactly the size you need from one of the vector files. You can do this easily without special software at a site like myScale: just upload the .svg for the version of the logo you want, specify the width of the .png you need, and you’re good to go.
  • Ready made app icons for web, iOS, and Android are provided. These are optimized for their respective platforms and adhere to relevant platform visual guidelines. Avoid using them for other purposes.
  • To create a new icon or account avatar (e.g. social media), use the icon light and icon dark files, which are already set up with internal margins based on the modular scale and optical adjustments.

Download Amino logo files (17MB zip file)